For the late night crowd: I’m throwing it back to about half a year ago when my friend Darnell McCloud came up with this cool idea. Here’s Karli Durden modeling “Hear No Evil”.
"Black coat, white shoes, black hat, Cadillac yeah, the boy’s a time bomb"
Quick photo of a new friend, Josh Gheto. I guess I should explain myself: Starting now, me and two other friends and creating a zine that revolves around Atlanta Hardcore music.  It reflects the people who support it, the bands that are a part of it, and other significant things that play a part in the culture of the Atlanta music scene.
This guy here is the first person to help me jump start the process of creating the zine.  A little older than I (by 7-8 years) had plenty to share about the earlier days of Atlanta Hardcore, and plenty more records, posters, flyers, and other zines to prove it.  He also is an art collector and runs his own record label and clothing line that all ties into the scene of the music he lives for.  Can’t thank this guy enough for the short hang.
I’ll be keeping you guys posted on the future “Atlanta Hardcore Yearbook!”
Here’s a sneak peek of the first set for Gold Stitches' clothing line shoot. model: Callie Gschwind, wearing “Moss Circle Skirt”. Skirt can be found on Tuned!

the shadow of buddah

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An intense photo of guest vocalist Nick (left) and Sean (right) during Malfunction’s set
More to come soon!
Here’s a preview from last night with my friend Addison doing vocals on top of my boyfriend Josh’s back during Malfunction’s set at The Drunken Unicorn.
More photos from this show will be uploaded soon!
Like stars around our galaxy, our love will dance eternally.
Engagement shoot done of Katelyn & Brandon
"Concrete Jungle"
model: Callie Gchwind
circa: 2014

I consider my digital camera as a motion picture tool. I hate taking stills with it… I always end up with 10+ shots of the same thing, it involves a selection and an edit most of the time. On top of that, it makes you look like a photographer to show them and I’m not. When you are on a trip or holidays and want to capture a moment, a film camera is perfect to me. You take one shot, and that’s it. It’s modest, true and and if it’s blurry, it tells about the moment too. The natural colors of a film are great, and I’m always excited when I pick up my scans I feel like it’s christmas. These next frames are a sneak peek of my last film process, shot in the Yukon Territories, Canada, a few months ago.This sunset was shot during the solstice in the heights of Dawson city. It was past midnight.
So Rebel8 totally reblogged my photo! Super stoked and honored about this.
"Underwater Sunset"
circa: 2014
models: (left) Nicole Tirado, (right) Irma Ali
This is the first GIF from photos I’ve made.  Not ze best, but it’s a start! This shoot was pretty fun, so expect more photos and GIFs in the near future.
PS the shirts that the models wearing here are for sale, let me know if you’re interested!
models: (left) Nicole Tirado, (right) Irma Ali
circa: 2014


Helmut Newton

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